Two Way Radio Programming

Here at Nottingham Two Way Radio we are able to program most two way radios.

Two Way Radio Programming in Nottingham

Two Way Radio Programming in Nottingham

Nottingham Two Way Radio can program almost any two way radio in accordance with your licence. Note: We cannot and will not program licensed two way radios if you do not hold a licence.

Need a licence? If you don't have an Ofcom licence, we can arrange one on your behalf for as little as £75.

Example radios we can program:

  • Motorola CP040
  • Motorola GP344
  • Motorola GP340
  • Motorola GP380
  • Motorola DP1400
  • Motorola DP4400
  • Motorola DP4600
  • Motorola DP4800
  • Icom IC-F1000
  • Icom IC-F2000
  • Icom IC-F3002
  • Icom IC-F4002
  • Icom IC-F15
  • Icom IC-F15
  • Icom IC-F25SR
  • Icom IC-F29SR
  • Kenwood TK-2000
  • Kenwood TK-3000
  • Kenwood TK-2360
  • Kenwood TK-3360
  • Hytera TC-446S
  • Hytera TC-610
  • Hytera PD405
  • Hytera PD605

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